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  • Sixteen years on: Global War on Terrorism

  • David Polden

  • Hiroshima Day, Sunday August 6th, Tavistock Square

  • “No More Hiroshimas: Sign the Nuclear Ban Treaty”

  • The Starkest Choice

  • Nuclear Tensions on the Korean Peninsula- what next?

  • The Arrogant “Dismay” of Nuclear Powers

  • Fukushima- six years on

  • Hibakusha Meeting- Friends House, 27 March

  • Hiroshima-Nagasaki Fast, 6-9 August, London

  • Trump and NATO: What Should we Expect?

  • Seventy-one Years of Defying World Opinion

  • From the Conference ‘New Approaches to Foreign Policy’ Saturday 14 January 2017 at SOAS University of London Plenary 2: New and Emerging Weapons

  • The Danger of Donald Trump

  • From the Conference ‘New Approaches to Foreign Policy’ Saturday 14 January 2017 at SOAS University of London Plenary 1: The Impact of US Security Strategy


  • Defying the World

  • Oct 25th: 70 years of the British Bomb- and Danger to the World

  • Hiroshima Day, Saturday 6th August 2016, Tavistock Square

  • Obama at the Hiroshima Memorial: Preaching Abstinence From a Bar Stool’

  • 4th May: Yeman’s War, Britain’s involvement

  • 1st July: Nato’s summit in Warsaw- A Briefing

  • The Last Nuclear Security Summit

  • June: Month of Action at Burghfield Atomic Weapons Establishment

  • Auction for London CND

  • The Hiroshima-Nagasaki Fast, 6-9 August

  • The truth about Trident


  • Stopping Trident- The Next Steps

  • 27 February 2016, London Stop Trident March and Rally

  • Budgeting for a New Cold War

  • The Nuclear Enterprise: The Crisis Behind the Bluster

  • Corbyn’s Labour: Is the Trident tide turning?

  • The Next Generation of US Nuclear Weapons in Europe

  • Japan: End of the Peace Constitution?

  • British Responsibility for the Current Refugee Crisis

  • Nuclear Weapons and Power in the Rest of Europe Compared to the UK

  • In Memoriam: Len Aldis


  • The Empire Strikes Back

  • The New Cold War?

  • New US Nuclear Weapons in Europe

  • The Other Side of the Iran Deal

  • Hiroshima Day, Tavistock Square, 6 August 2015

  • What Next After the Failed NPT Review Conference?

  • The wrecking crew get to work

  • Thursday August 5- Commemorating Hiroshima

  • Fingering Lockheed Martin

  • Fast Against Nuclear Weapons, Whitehall, 6-9 August

  • George Kerevan MP on Scotland and Trident

  • Election Hustings on War, Peace and Justice

  • Digging up Doctor Strangelove

  • 13 April: Bairns not Bombs and Vote Out Trident

  • The Race to Build B37

  • The Economist and the New Nuclear Age

  • A Masterclass in Double Standards

  • 24 January: Wrapping up Trident!

  • Putting Election Candidates on the Spot over Trident Replacement

  • Yes to Nuclear Disarmament- But not for 50 years

  • New French Nuclear Posture

  • Copying Britain’s Example

  • Kate Hudson on Campaigning Against Trident and Trident Renewal in the Run-up to the General Election

  • Raising Trident in the General Election Campaign

  • Britain’s Nuclear Weapons Programme in 2014

  • Afghan Reality and NATOs Troop Withdrawal